SOC Chapter 9: "What I Didn't Know"

There's another "inspired by The Great Race" reference in here that probably only I would ever have noticed. The line "You were smoking a payroll?" bears the same relationship to the scene it's embedded in as the famous "Leslie escaped with a chicken?" If I could have worked a chicken into this scene, though, I would have.

The Black Legion, which plays a walk-on role in this chapter? With my admiration for Glen Cook, you'd think it would be a nod toward the Black Company, which first appeared while I was writing. It might have been. This is one I can't remember, though.

The name Iskendarian makes its first appearance here, too. One of my most felicitous discoveries, a completely found name, that I noticed for the first time on a storefront in Culver City. The company is still there; Iskendarian Racing Cams.

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