Typos (and other errors)

Since I've had to reassemble the manuscripts for The Dance of Gods books from printed hardcopy via scanner and OCR rather than having computer files available, I'm sure that fresh typographical errors abound. This page contains the credit roll for typos that have been reported to me.

More for Apocalypse

Per reader Nick:

Page 57: 'Whatever else you mayor may not be..."

Page 93: "...noting some serious regret at not have taken spell-work more seriously."

Spell of Apocalypse

Per reader Tim McCormack:

Page 166: "concerning why he broken with tradition to this extent"

Page 189: "Phlinn Ami"

Page 191: "And she wasn’t then who carried her off?"

Spell of Fate

Per reader Tim McCormack:

Spell of Fate, page 130, "discrete" should be "discreet".

"What if it something was trying to escape because it was smart?" - Perhaps a rogue "it"?

Page 160: "anyway I according to the guidebooks"

Page 288: "Smoke should not a major concern to him"

First notes from Apocalypse...

... and a characteristically eagle-eyed and well-thought group they are, too.

Per reader JoAnn Redway:

Page numbers refer to Word file as of 12/15/07

p. 28, line 16.  Odd formatting at end of line (after "give") causes line break if text is reflowed.  No problem except for conversion to other formats.

p. 85, line 3.  Shaa should be "slathered" with ointment, not "slavered".

p. 105, line 2.  may be supposed to read "preemptive" instead of "preemptory"; the latter seems to occur mainly in legal terminology or as a misspelling of "peremptory".

p. 190 line 19  "Flaunting" should be "flouting", I think.  Depends on whether Lemon wishes to accuse the Shaas of gratuitously showing off their knowledge, or of ignoring reality.

p. 128, line 5.  Verbs have tenses, pronouns and nouns have cases. Note from Mayer: see the text for a solution to this one...

p. 170 line 2.  Punctuation nitpick, "convincing those around him - by the evidence - fairly successfully that he did know what he was doing" should probably be "convincing those around him - by the evidence, fairly successfully - that he did know what he was doing".

... and another few for Intrigue

Per reader Andrew Gedrich:

from the 12-2 version, pdf, page 48, "An ice flow about the size of a bathtub" - should be an "ice floe" (also another incorrect "flow" close by)

Another round for Catastrophe...

Per reader Eric Strathmeyer:

SoC p 116, paragraph starting "Quiet".  one of the last sentence "Mont fell over the aide".  I'm not sure if it's supposed to be "side"
SoC p 126 3/4 of the way down...   "You're probably right" - starts with a bullet and a single quote instead of a double quote.
SoC p 129 3/4 of the way down.. at the end of the large paragraph: "Two prisoners who wouldn't be 
coning out again..."

First typos from Fate

Per reader Daniel Grover:

018.04.07: "lighten the goad of your burden" (goad -> load) [Maybe? That IS the sort of thing Shaa would say.]
030.17.01: "suspect I only." Favored slumped" (Paragraph break after Haddo's line.)
046.02.04: "...every particular precise," (Precise -> precis) [?]
047.09.02: "marsh." Well, so much for vanity. (Paragraph break after "Spilkas's" line, or possibly after "vanity".)
054.02.03: "ever-mare-sophisticated" (mare -> more)
057.01.02: "One just had to deal with - The" (en-dash -> em-dash perhaps?) [Picky maybe, but the capital "T" threw me.]
058.02.01: "Lord? - yes, the very one." (Vellum uses "Lord?" even though he supplied the title himself a few sentences earlier.)
074.01.01: "figured that, did you. Dear." (you. -> you?) [Maybe?]
115.02.01: "you think 1 should give him" (1 -> I)
118.03.07: "going to tell me about." (about. -> about it.)
119.04.02: "reasonably high-level track;" (track -> Track) [? - The other references are upper-case]
142.09.02: "little stunt, do you." (you. -> you?)
181.02.09: "had been Inauguration legacies, Carstairs'" (legacies, -> legacies; [or : ?])
184.06.02: "Or is the collar-button you hope to pop?" (is the -> is it the) [?]
225.16.01: "Haddo said," (Haddo -> Wroclaw)

Note: apologies to Daniel Grover - I left off the attribution when I originally posted this!

A typo from Catastrophe

Per reader Eric:

The paragraph starting "Please elaborate" has a quotation mark at the end of the paragraph, which should belong at the beginning of the subsequent paragraph.

Various, from Intrigue

Per reader Geoff Schaeffer, from Spell of Intrigue:

page 2 - 0 preeminent one (the first O looks like a 0)

page 10 - I didn't wasn't ready for children

page 23 - extra period a few spaces after "wormball out straight into my face."

page 26 - If I 'm being sloppy (extra space in the middle of "I'm")

page 26 - "picked up the pack I 'd leaned" (same space thing)

page 28 - "better of it we gave up tehcnology" (should "it" be "if"?)

pg 40 - I 'd made the resolution

pg 41 - I 'd scored a point

page 120 - another I 'm

page 132 - "0 great detective" (O looks like 0)

Page 180 - "Dooglas, Councillor Douglas"

page 243 - "floating: sphere creature" (unneeded colon?)

page 249 - "my power, 1, Jardin,... (I looks like a 1)

page 258 - "inexorably dulling of his palate" (inexorably - should it be inexorable?)

Various, from Catastrophe

Per reader Eric, from Spell of Catastrophe:

page 65, first large paragraph: "If *I'll* going to do a professional job..."

page 72: "I was starting to get the idea. "1f it isn't yours..."; there's a digit 1 in the word "IF"

Various, from Catastrophe

Per reader Geoff Schaeffer, from Spell of Catastrophe:

page 18 - Whole damn town is crawlin' with punks (except the apostrophe looks like a "1" footnote mark)

page 88 - two instances of "animacule" where previously they were called "animalcules"

page 203 - I don't have time to.waste like this

Various, from Catastrophe

Per reader Eric, from Spell of Catastrophe:

page 46, about halfway down the page it says

 "Mont's fact tightened...".

page 47. in the first full paragraph:

"...window-climbing Guardsman. who had just"

I think that period should be a comma.

on page 54 2/3s of the way down:

"That's who has the ring, " Ron! said...

should be "Roni".

Note to Eric: I've been trying to email you back, but my responses keep bouncing with a "No such user" message...

Various, from Intrigue

Per reader Matthew Lerner, from Spell of Intrigue:

10 extra space around   instead ."

98 missing space in "incoming.You"

101 should be comma not period in  "After all. we"

111 missing space in "order,as"

112 "business." said  period should probably be a comma

   "whole,so"  missing space

129 "said. we're " should be comma

135 weird character in "facing· Zhardann's "

156 "to corm here? "

190 "much mort recently."

198 "detaining us in own "

   This might have been intentional, but Shaa doesn't seem the type to leave out a word

203 I believe the paragraph that ends this page and starts the next to be the clunkiest paragraph in both books.  Well, the first half anyway.  I'd rewrite it.

205 "finding our why " -> finding out why

Assorted Typos from Catastrophe

Per reader Nigel Hurst, from Spell of Catastrophe:

Page 42:

"see if the world would provide anything interesting for free, at least a"

believe it needs an "or" after the comma and before the "at least...."

The updated text:

", or at least a minimum of investment."

Page 59:

Should fop-around-time read fop-around-town, unless of course you're implying he fops back and fore in time lol

Page 59:

"night then during" should read "night than during"

Duplicated Word, from Intrigue

Per reader Allan Rouse, from Spell of Intrigue:

Page 58 

remove the second instance of the word 'approach':

"Karlini, gazing off the bow and sunk deep in his calculations, apparently failed to notice the approach of Roni and Tildamire approach, even though the ice through which they had to crunch rested as much as several inches thick on the deck."

Typo, from Catastrophe

Per reader Allan Rouse, from Spell of Catastrophe:

Page 152 

Replace 'ust' with 'just' in:

"Jurtan's suspicion was growing stronger. He managed to turn his head,

ust a little, and marched his eyes around to the side."

Assorted, from Catastrophe

Per reader Matthew Lerner, from Spell of Catastrophe:

Several 'I' characters were parsed as numeral 1: (I'm excluding those previously reported by Tim McCormack)
Page 12 1f nothing else
page 33 Whenever 1 tried to leave my
Page 70 1 got a client
84 to p1ay an
95 . 1f nothing else
168 only 1 didn't think

Page 23 "No, no, I^1 m certain"
for a change, an apostrophe is a 1 instead of an I

page 24 "I^1 m not going to "
and again
Mayer here: a few more stray "1"s popped up when I was hunting, too. And here I'd thought I'd found them all on my own pass! (Clearly not...)

122 Indeed, yes, Master," Carl Lake said, "my leg." He flexed it, raising it to his cheas, then did a
I don't believe "cheas" is a word.  Chest perhaps?

129  The cemetery, of course. Raw material for a necromancer. I really wanted to be somewhere else. Unfortunately, I wasn't."Carl, tell me about him."
There ought to be a space between "wasn't.", and ""Carl"

209 pulsatile
It's possible you intended this one, but I don't think that's a word.  Pulsating maybe?
Mayer here, again: actually, this one actually is a word...

Assorted Typos from Intrigue

Per reader Daniel Grover, from Spell of Intrigue:
Pg..Ln Original sentence (suggestion)
------- ------------------------------
28.1.2 "has become something of a lost an." (an -> art)
28.3.7  "As a son of centerpiece" (son -> sort)
78.7.4 "New Dawn carne to take" (carne -> came)
86.1.1  "better imitation `of a" (remove `)
130.3.2 "ah, gelling out of hand?" (gelling -> getting)
141.2.1 "completed a complete circuit around" -> (completed a circuit of)
142.4.6 "although it felt more like polished ice than air, though" (remove trailing 'though')
143.3.6 "across the surface fell a slight ripple" (fell -> felt)
144.7.5 "in its resting stale was" (stale -> state)
158.4.12 "and fell fiat with a bang" (fiat -> flat)
165.7.4 "Pod Dali" (Pod Dall)
Mayer here: I rather like this one, though...
167.2.3 "I mean, sure. elves and such" (. -> ,)
201.1.13 "start I until out of" (remove I)?
Mayer again: when I saw this, my first reaction was to wonder if Haddo had unexpectedly showed up to narrate...

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Tributaries vs. Distributaries

Per reader Allen R., from Spell of Catastrophe, page 55:

A river's tributaries feed into the river not out of the river. By definition they are always upstream. According to Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tributary the term you need is 'distributary'.

The passage in question:

"The river takes a long curve out to the east in this area and then loops back to the west; the city's right at the eastern-most edge of this bulge. About fifteen miles downstream to the south the Oolvaan splits into its three primary tributaries: the Greater, Lesser, and Equivocal Oolvaans."

... and here's the updated text:

About fifteen miles downstream to the south the Oolvaan splits into its three primary distributaries: the Greater, Lesser, and Equivocal Oolvaans."

“Wait – what are you talking about, distributaries? You mean tributaries, right?”

“No, Max,” Roni said patiently, if with an air of some superiority. “The tributaries feed into the river, not out of the river. Distributaries flow away from the main stream.”


Per reader Allen R., from Spell of Catastrophe, page 56, missing period:

Here's the updated text:

"It's some kind of traditional title newly revived. He's addressed as 'Your Venerance' ...

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