Various, from Intrigue

Per reader Matthew Lerner, from Spell of Intrigue:

10 extra space around   instead ."

98 missing space in "incoming.You"

101 should be comma not period in  "After all. we"

111 missing space in "order,as"

112 "business." said  period should probably be a comma

   "whole,so"  missing space

129 "said. we're " should be comma

135 weird character in "facing· Zhardann's "

156 "to corm here? "

190 "much mort recently."

198 "detaining us in own "

   This might have been intentional, but Shaa doesn't seem the type to leave out a word

203 I believe the paragraph that ends this page and starts the next to be the clunkiest paragraph in both books.  Well, the first half anyway.  I'd rewrite it.

205 "finding our why " -> finding out why

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