SOI: The Daw Cover

With Spell of Intrigue, DAW switched to cover artist Tom Kidd. I like all three of his paintings a lot (which has nothing to do with his choice of scenes for Fate and Apocalypse, which both turned out to be the ones I thought might best be cover bait). On Intrigue, I think he really captured Haddo, relative stature and all, including what I see as a somewhat morose expression in his eyes. Karlini's pose and expression also match his description, along with his stated preference for silly hats. The rest of the patrons strike a balance between a shade on the cartoonish side and right diversity of cast; by their expressions, too, they seem to be just out for a bit of fun and aren't taking the whole brawl thing too seriously. 

As you can tell, I really like this one, and I've always regretted I never contact the artist to tell him this (and to find out his plans for the original...)

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